Cosmetics in South Africa

When it comes to cosmetics every person has their preferences and different reasons for using the products and brands that that they use. This could be based on the ingredients, what the brand represents, the reactions it has on their skin or their policy on animal testing. However, South Africa has its own regulations when it comes to the cosmetics that it sells. Every country has its own regulations that they enforce with cosmetic companies. This includes the labelling, advertising and the actual contents of the products.

Cosmetic Labelling
There are laws in place in South Africa that enforce certain behaviours in cosmetic brands. These laws and requirements are in place for the benefits of the consumer. This is to ensure that there is brand and product transparency. A few of the things cosmetic brands need to comply with is that the labelling must include: the brand name, the product name, it must be in English, a list of ingredients, the labelling must not be misleading, the products with healing or medical claims needs to be registered at the Medical Control Council (MCC), and the products with slimming or muscle enhancement claims needs to be registered at the MCC.

Cosmetic Ingredients
There are some ingredients that are not allowed to be used in cosmetics that are sold in South Africa. These have been banned for health and safety reasons. The unfortunate reality is that some of these ingredients are still being used, and there have been recent problems with people using skin lightening creams and cosmetics that contained illegal ingredients such as: hydroquinone, steroids and mercury. These ingredients are harmful to the people who use them and they cause irreversible damage to the skin and the body.

MRA Regulatory Consultants
The winds of change are upon the cosmetics industry in South Africa, and it is highly imperative that all companies comply with the new rules and regulations that are coming into place and that will be brought into place. For great cosmetic regulatory consultation and evaluations, contact MRA Regulatory Consultants!

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